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    Report-No: 22
   - Location: , - Hong Linh township, Hà Tỉnh, Vietnam - Apr/28/2016

The victim was detained, tortured, punished with cruel and degrading acts for 6 days by Ha Tinh provincial police and security agents of the Ministry of Public Security sent in from Hanoi.

    Report-No: 18
   - Location: , - Nguyen An Ninh ward, Vung Tau city, Bà Rịa, Vietnam - Oct/08/2016

The victim was detained, beaten up, stripped off her clothes, and robbed of her personal properties at police station of Nguyen An Ninh ward, Vung Tau city. Upon release, she was severely beaten again and left in the middle of the night at a deserted area.

    Report-No: 17
   - Location: , - Hoa Dong commune, Tay Hoa district, Phú Yên, Vietnam - May/13/2012

The victim was tortured at the police station of Tuy Hoa city for 5 hours and died from 63 injuries, including fractured skull, puntured lungs, testicular rupture, bruises and burn marks all over his body.

    Report-No: 16
   - Location: , - Ha Dong district, Hanoi city, Vietnam, Hà  Nội, Vietnam - Sep/20/2016

The victim was arrested in front of Hanoi Police Headquarter – Number 6, Quang Trung street, Ha Dong district, Hanoi in the morning of September 20th 2016 while Hanoi authority held the trial against land rights activist, Mrs. Can Thi Theu.

    Report-No: 15
   - Location: , - Quang Trung - Ha Dong, Hà  Nội, Vietnam - Jun/25/2016

Victim was viciously assaulted twice resulting in serious injuries, including rretina tear and facial laceration which required 5 stitches. The first incident occurred in June 2015 in Thanh Chuong district, Nghe An province. The second incident occurred in September 2016 in Ha Dong district, Hanoi city. The perpetrators were mobile squad, traffic police, social order police, and local police.

    Report-No: 14
   - Location: , - 6th ward, 3rd District, Sài Gon, Vietnam - Sep/29/2016

A street vendor was viciously beaten up and dragged on the road side by a police of 6th ward, 3rd district in Saigon. According to eye witnesses, he appeared to be drunk.

    Report-No: 13
   - Location: , - Pleiku City, Gia Lai, Vietnam - Apr/14/2016

On April 14 2016, Mr. Nguyen Van Bang, the head of the residential block where Mrs. Hong’s house is located, and a number of unidentified men wearing plain clothes came to Mrs. Hong’s house and “invited” her to the People’s Committee Office of Hoa Lu Ward for a “working session”.

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