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Press Release – December 26, 2016: Announcing the Vietnam - Coalition Against Torture (VN-CAT)

Announcing the Vietnam - Coalition Against Torture (VN-CAT)

Press Release – December 26, 2016

Contact: endtorturevn@gmail.com

After several months in preparation, Vietnam - Coalition Against Torture (VN-CAT) today announces the official launch of our organization. Our mission is to abolish human rights violations in the form of torture, violence, cruel or degrading treatments.

On this occasion, we also would like to introduce the website: http://endtorturevn.org, which was established to serve the following purposes:

  • To provide the people in Vietnam with a clear understanding of the obligations of the Vietnamese government responsibility pursuant to the United Nations Convention Against Torture, which Vietnam signed in 2013 and its National Assembly ratified in 2015;
  • To document the implementation of this convention by the government of Vietnam as well as gaps in practice;
  • Provide a mechanism for people to readily report violations of the terms of the Convention Against Torture by both state actors and non-state actors operating under the directions of government officials.

This website has an English version designed to draw the attention of the international community and advocate for international intervention in regard to the prevalent use of torture, violence, and cruel and degrading treatments by the Vietnamese authorities.

Our quarterly report, containing case summaries and relevant information, will be made available to UN agencies, governments whose national laws include sanctions against human rights violators, and international human rights organizations. Specifically, we will apply the laws sanctioning perpetrators of human rights violations recently passed by the US Congress.

Understanding that the people are the ears, eyes, and voices needed to abolish torture, we offer training to civil society organizations, religious communities and indigenous communities on how to collect and verify information about gross human rights violations, including the use of torture, and to prepare reports to the United Nations Special Procedures.

Our overseas branch coordinates our interaction and collaboration with human rights organizations in Southeast Asia sub-region, in the Asia - Pacific region, and in the world.

We call on you, who have been showing deep concerns about the dismal human rights situation in Vietnam to help circulate this Press Release to your friends, colleagues, and counterparts.


Vietnam - Coalition Against Torture (VN-CAT)

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